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Ten years
Ten Years Later

'It looked like we had been bombed'
Victims of tornadoes will never forget what happened June 3, 1980
June 3, 1980, is a day that many Grand Island residents would like to forget. But the destruction left behind by a series of tornadoes that night is etched physically in their memories.

A little white lie...
Now it can be told: Islander lied to the president about broken arm
Pat Cross of Grand Island is ready to confess: She lied to the president of the United States. When former President Jimmy Carter asked Cross if she broke her right arm in the 1980 Grand Island tornadoes, she replied yes, even though she broke it while playing with a Frisbee a month earlier.

Author discovers children can relate to fictional account of G.I. tornadoes
When children's author Ivy Ruckman visits a school, the students nearly always insist that she read ''Night of the Twisters.''

'Tornado Hill' turns a tragedy into benefit
Even though June 3, 1980, caused damages that will remain, the damages have given much enjoyment over the past years to some who may not recall the occurences of that day.

Kriz became leader in tornadoes' aftermath
Grand Island Mayor Bob Kriz was about to take a swim in his backyard pool on June 3, 1980, when his portable beeper went off, calling him to City Hall.

Officials helped city return to normal
It took extraordinary efforts by city officials and local residents to get things back to ordinary in Grand Island following the 1980 tornadoes.

Children of tornado will always remember that night
In the fall of 1981, Kathryn Martin was preparing to teach the fourth grade at Starr Elementary School. Because of the tornadoes the preceeding spring, she knew this fall would be a little different.

A scary night
Law enforcement officers recall fear while on duty during tornadoes
Men who normally wouldn't admit to fear think nothing about talking of their fears the night of June 3, 1980.

G.I. tornadoes among 'most' memorable'
Ten years later, meteorologist Roger Wakimoto considers the Grand Island tornadoes among the ''most memorable'' he has ever studied.

Islanders become lax at twister readiness
Grand Island's civil defense director is issuing a warning: Islanders' tornado attitudes are becoming more lax and putting them at risk of being hurt by severe storms.