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Memories of the Tornadoes

Memories of June 3 still fresh
Woman recalls being in labor in hospital basement
For the Monte Malone and John Street families, surviving the June 3, 1980, tornadoes was a family affair.

1980 tornadoes' wake: By the numbers
Numbers sometimes tell a story better than words can. And the seven tornadoes that tore through Grand Island 13 years ago generated a lot of figures.

G.I. tornadoes among 'most' memorable'
Ten years later, meteorologist Roger Wakimoto considers the Grand Island tornadoes among the ''most memorable'' he has ever studied.

Children of tornado will always remember that night
In the fall of 1981, Kathryn Martin was preparing to teach the fourth grade at Starr Elementary School. Because of the tornadoes the preceeding spring, she knew this fall would be a little different.

Memories still fresh 9 years after deadly twister episode
Grand Island looked like a battle zone after a series of tornadoes razed the city on June 3, 1980. Fallen trees, lumber and glass made the streets impas

Bill Brennan
Remembering June 3
Date is fading into Grand Island history but vigilance is an issue for the future
June 3, 1980, remains the most infamous date in Grand Island history. Yet the passage of 17 years makes the date more epic and less real.

George Ayoub
1980 twisters reached as far as West Coast
I forget what I was doing 20 years ago today. I might have been working -- it was a Tuesday -- but I could have spent the day at the beach and then taken in a movie in Hollywood. I really don't remember. I do know exactly what I did 20 years ago tomorrow.

Pete Letheby
Overcoming adversity often brings out the best in people
I wasn't in Grand Island the evening of June 3, 1980. I was a Grand Island resident, but out of town that night and for the next several days. I couldn't have gotten into the city if I had wanted to.