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June 6, 1980
Three Days Later, the stories continued

Dogs brought out to hunt for missing
The search for missing persons continued Friday morning as officials used dogs to help sift through the rubble.

Carriers find routes gone with the wind
South Locust businessmen aren't the only merchants out of business today. Ask Amy Sherman.

City crews unsuccessful in effort to restore power
City efforts to restore power failed Thursday last night and Mayor Robert Kriz spent a sleepless night trying to explain to angry citizens why they were still without electricity.

Storm levels farm home; family saves memories
PHILLIPS -- While 16-year-old Nancy Olson took refuge with her softball team in the Grand Island Armory, her family's home southwest of Phillips was completely destroyed.

Looting minimal, city officials say
Statewide reports of looting in Grand Island have been greatly exaggerated, according to city officials.

Help welcome, needed
It is impossible to express appreciation to the hundreds of people who have been helping Grand Island. There are so many you can't begin to name them all.

One big vote of thanks
Two vivid memories from my childhood relate to tornadoes.

Red Cross opens service center
With operations in full swing, the American Red Cross opened a service center Friday for victims of the Grand Island tornadoes.

Islanders 'roughing it' until utilities return
Living without electricity is "just like camping" for Girl Scout leader Linda Hough of West North Front Street. Too much so, she said -- there's no shower.

Inner trauma begins after tornado's fury
The physical evidence of Tuesday night's tornado will be gone long before the full impact of emotional trauma is known.

Volunteers pitch in to dig out
As Grand Island residents begin digging out, they're receiving assistance from volunteers both from Grand Island and surrounding areas.