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June 5, 1980
Insurance tips offered for insured storm victims

The following is a list of suggestions by the Nebraska Department of Insurance in the event your home is storm damaged and you are insured.

Do not throw away destroyed or damaged personal property. Separate and save damaged and destroyed property for the adjuster's inspection.

Contact your agent as soon as you have evaluated the damage.

Have a description of the damages and their severity available when you report the loss to your agent.

Provide the agent with a phone number and address of where and adjuster can contact you.

Protect your home furnishings for further damage. Make whatever temporary repairs you can. Cover broken windows and holes in roof or walls. Your insurance company will reimburse you for reasonable expenses for temporary repairs to insured property damaged by covered perils.

If there is extensive damage and you feel a private contractor's estimate is necessary, secure a detailed estimate of permanent repairs from a reliable contractor. The estimate should contain: Detailed specifications of the proposed repairs, detailed repair costs prices and replacement prices.

Take photographs of the damaged areas prior to clean up. These will help you with the presentation of your claim and will assist the adjuster in his investigation of your claim.

Prepare a detailed inventory of all damaged and destroyed personal property for the adjuster, keeping a copy.

Collect canceled checks, invoices, receipts and other papers that will assist the adjuster in obtaining the value of destroyed property.

Obtain repair estimates for personal property that can be repaired economically.

If you must leave your home, be sure it is secure and protected from further damage. Leave a note on your front door or other conspicuous place, advising where you may be reached.

Keep copies of all insurance related documents, receipts, and inventories for your personal records.

If you have a question about your insurance coverage, review it with your agent or adjuster and if you still feel additional assistance is needed contact the Nebraska Department of Insurance.