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The Day After
Many injured admitted

By the Independent Staff
Originally Published Wednesday, June 4, 1980

The follwoing is a list of persons hospitalized in Grand Island with injuries resulting from Tuesday's tornadoes:

Lutheran Hospital
Jody Eggers, 925 S. Greenwich; Frank Hood, Alda; William Stromberg, Aurora, Colo; Kyra Eggers, 2008 W. First; Orville Levander, 1609 W. Stolley Park Road; Hazel Schmidt, 1912 S. Locust; Vera Mach, 131 Arapahoe; Norma Jacob, 645 E. MacArthur; Mary Poole, 220 E. 21st; Naomi HOod, 1810 S. Locust; Leo Hood, Alda; Bill Bechdoltd, Prague; Rev. Otto Hussman, 827 E. Oklahoma; Mary Bryson, 1826 W. Bismark.

St. Francis Medical Center
Orville Coons, 1708 S. Lincoln; Helen Gleam, #47 Kuester's Lake; Clara Hoeft, #47 Kuester's Lake; Helen Klein, 105 W. 18th; Bruce Kuhl, Kingswood Estates; Adam March, 2109 W. Fifth; Marian Pearson, 2510 Brahma; Jeanette Pollard and Robert Pollard, 2610 Brahma; Olga Rathman, 2517 Brahma; Francis St. John, #71 Kuester's Lake; Erlene Schultz, Albert Schultz, 922 S. Claussen; Dan Davenport, Overton; Lisa Johnson, Palmer; Rhonda Welch, 209 E. 10th; Valma Shafer, 2606 Brahma; Rick Ressel, 2323 Bellwood; Jake Coffin, 311 W. Holcomb; Wilber Whartmann, 1155 S. Eddy; Matthew Schafer, 1521 N. Grand Island.