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The Day After
We went to press with friends' help

By the Independent Staff
Originally Published Wednesday, June 4, 1980

Today's special edition of The Grand Island Daily Independent was published by the York News-Times.

Decision to publish at York was made before 8 a.m., Publisher David A. Beliles said, because no power was then available at The Independent plant. By the time power was restored in downtown Grand Island at about 10:30 a.m., it was decided to continue with the York publication for two reasons: the possibility that the power would again have to be shut down, and because an editing, typesetting, photography team had already been dispatched to York to process copy and lay out pages.

Bulk of the type was eventually set at The Independent plant, however.

Beliles said that because advertisers were unable to carry on business as usual, all advertising was dropped from the edition.

Because of a 3 p.m. press time at York, home delivery was delayed.

"The Independent wishes to thank the York News-Times for allowing the use of its press facilities for publication of today's paper," Beliles said.