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The Day After
Guards, police close city to the curious

By Mark Getzfred
Independent Staff Writer

Originally Published Wednesday, June 4, 1980

When dawn broke, city, state and federal officials began digging Grand Island out of the worst disaster to hit the city in its history.

The Grand Island Police Department began digging residents out of basements in the Meves Bowl area while the Nebraska National Guard began shutting off the city from sightseers and travelers.

The guard began blocking entrances to Grand Island early Wednesday morning because of sightseers viewing damage throughout the city. The police department said sightseers were especially a problem along MacArthur Lane in southeast Grand Island.

Officials again experienced problems Wednesday morning after the sun came up as residents began driving around inspecting damage in different parts of Grand Island.

Law enforcement officials are asking residents to stay at home to prevent hindering rescue efforts.

Nebraska National Guardsmen also were patrolling the streets to prevent looting of damaged homes and businesses. About five people were arrested Wednesday morning for looting.

Volunteers from Lexington, Adams County, Kearney and Broken Bow also aided local officials.

Air Force Air Police are standing in front of gutted buildings carrying riot batons. An additional 50 air policemen had been requested.